Two of my favorite people are expecting, TODAY! It is perfectly fitting that the new little one is due on Australia Day, seeing as Frank was born and raised in Sydney.


If you couldn't tell, Rosie is the cutest pregnant person ever.. She is absolutely glowing and full of giggles and happiness.  I just loved everything about this session. Especially when Rosie's Canadian side really came through. Warm winter sun, fresh snow, decked out in The Hudson Bay Company swag, all to have hot chocolate in the Canadian Rockies... I couldn't have planned it better myself.

Yes, these two really do live like this.  You would THINK this is all just a setup for photographs, but no.  Well, I am sure when they do these things they do not lay baby clothes in front of them, but going to the mountains just to drink hot chocolate quietly by the river is something they would do. In real life. More than once.  Baby adventures are going to be nothing short of amazing. 

Baby is due today; I can't wait to meet her. Lots of luck and love to you guys!